Daily Post


I was an emotional, mentally exhausted wreck when I crawled into the rooms of Al-Anon licking my wounds, waving the white flag high in the air to accept defeat. Trying to control others and navigate my own life was a huge battle. I’d fought as long as I could, but was finally worn out. I was on a mission to save the life of someone I loved, which was my only intent when joining Al-Anon.  Their delivery of the news was gentle, but the reality was harsh. It was my life that needed saving. I could no longer be a safety net, stepping in to save the day in order to prevent painful consequences.


The lesson learned was that the best way to love others is to allow them the dignity to make their own choices, regardless of my opinion. Hitting rock bottom and feeling the weight of their decisions was their only hope and opportunity for growth. I didn’t want to accept their truth, but deep inside I knew my actions so far had only made the situation worse. It was time to try something different. I needed an anchor to keep me focused on my new goal of minding my own business armed myself with the Serenity Prayer. I then squared my shoulders, held my head high, and prepared for the onslaught! Acceptance is the answers to all of my problems today.