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The QUEEN was worthy of a blog ALL of her own! This is my favorite “ASCEND” quote, also a topic broken down during POWERFUL fellowship over the last few weeks. I’m guilty of allowing distractions to alter my path after becoming fruitful in certain areas of my life. As Pastor Moore mentioned, this is possible when we are still tossing out fishing nets and haven’t completely figured out who WE are! The same God I prayed to that created the miracles experienced in my life today, is the exact same God I need to continue to praise after the pressures of life slow their course.

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REBLOG:Interesting Take On The Phrase”Being Yourself”(and how it’s over-rated!)

When I was a little girl, I was told “just be yourself,” as if this were a magic wand fix for all of life’s troubles. You don’t have any friends? Just be yourself! You’re a weird, awkward kid? Just be yourself! You dress funny and the kids push you to the ground at recess? Just […]

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REBLOG:Fitness Advice For The Over 50 Crowd!

If you’re over 50, you should be thinking about how you plan on maintaining your fitness level,. Common changes that take place as you age can threaten your ability to stay in good physical and mental shape. But here’s some positive news: how quickly and drastically those changes appear may be up to you. In […]

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