Dating Versus Courting-Allen Parr

In recent months I’ve noticed many women struggling to recover from heartbreak, and it’s disturbing that ownership isn’t taken. The partner and even God goes on trial for the failure and is found guilty. Future dates pay for their mistakes, and for some, God is even abandoned. I’ve done a ton of research (for my own benefit) after returning to the world of dating at age 50, but rarely offer advice. Listening to wisdom seems as old school as bell-bottomed jeans, even though we all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

However, I continue to share valuable information on my blogs for others who like me, understands I was the only constant in the death of all relationships. My secret to success was researching why I would repeatedly bulldoze past an army of red flags to date potential. Once I figured that out, I became successful in my singleness. Today’s share is a mic drop on dating.  It could be painful, but if it resonates with you, feel free to share! 

Fighting homelessness my way-Jamal Mechbal

The more I investigate the homelessness crisis to narrow down the most effective way D Squared Homes For The Homeless can best assist the SMI community, the more I realize homelessness doesn’t discriminate. It’s not just a challenge in the mental health community, affordable housing is a crisis for everyone. As a matter of fact, I’ve experienced two of the most common life events that paved the way to homelessness, divorce and job loss.  My situation simply ended differently, but there are no guarantees on life.

Jamal’s story is the first I’ve seen where the downward spiral started from a point much higher on the food chain. The spiral, however, is debilitating for everyone. Todays’ share is homelessness through the eyes of Jamal Mechbal!

You think you have it all — graduated from three different universities, a good job, and a great marriage — and then it all falls apart. Your marriage ends, you lose your job and you become homeless. It happened to Jamal Mechbal and it can happen to all of us according to him. It does not matter how you end up in this situation, what matters is how you deal with it. At TEDxDelft, Jamal speaks about his fascinating and inspiring story of being homeless and recovering from it.

On Mental Strength/ Amy Morin

I’ve been fearful of taking action but have personally never lacked mental strength, thanks to a life that has always been a fist fight. Rough edges were formed like rites of passage each time the pain leveled off. Although I didn’t learn how to grow out of dark seasons until age 45, the life event eventually downsized from a migraine to a dull headache and I was able to function again.  I remember the beetlike flavor of disappointment at 21 when my counselor asked who told me life was supposed to be fair! I still laugh out loud today, 30 years later, when I recall spending a few minutes trying to remember exactly who said it, positive I’d heard it somewhere! It was worse than learning Santa Claus lived in hearts, not the North Pole! That explains why no matter how many times I waited up for him, he never came. When I asked how he snuck in without a chimney, my mother said he knocked on the door and she let him in. Sounded perfectly logical! However, if I did lack mental strength, this Tedtalk would have been perfect, so I decided it was worth sharing. If in a time crunch, I’ve listed the three major points for you!

3 kinds of destructive beliefs that hold us back

1.Self-pity/unhealthy beliefs about ourselves (magnify misfortunes)

2.Victim Mentality/unhealthy beliefs about others (giving away our power)

3. Thinking the world owes us something



On Giving Up

Although I’ve hit many obstacles since deciding to create a nonprofit, I simply continue to reach out for relationship opportunities in spite of the crickets! My fighter mentality has paid off and yesterday was one of the most amazing days OF MY LIFE! I met with House Of Rep member Robert Meza who will schedule a meeting with the COO of a major player to strategize a plan. My vision is assisting the mentally challenged population with financial resources (housing related) when in crisis mode. My son has lived with Schizophrenia for 11 years. Once he stabilized on his medication (a fight on my end that took a few years!), he began working full time as a Case Manager for the Mental Health agency in charge at that time. While I worked extra to fund his initial move-in expenses (he was denied SSI), and paid off his car, he lived independently for five years. All he needed was financial support to get started, and he did the rest. Schizophrenia is cyclical, however, and he relapsed losing everything he owned, including the life he had worked so hard to rebuild! My son has been homeless for 6 months now, living from his car. He inspired my vision, and I won’t give up on IT, or my son regardless of the obstacles. Both are worth fighting for!

56384098_10217123255585480_1086726815805865984_n (2).jpg

Housing is redonkulous! He was placed on a state housing waiting list (several YEARS long), and $40.00 short of admission into a private housing program. I wasn’t allowed to contribute the funds even though I would have paid all remaining living expenses until he found another position. That wouldn’t have been cheap, but I don’t expect the state to take care of my child. As I packed his homeless kit in November, I wondered how many of the over 36,000 homeless individuals in Arizona are there because of a relapse, and could have remained independent if they simply had a little help. That’s my target client, and when my nonprofit is up and running (pending tax-exempt status), my plan will also assist with the growing homeless crises.



I then had my meeting with Godaddy, who will manage and create fundraisers on my website, once I create it. I need to reach the next level, however. While I’ve raised enough funds to create the nonprofit, which is pending tax-exempt status, I need funding to create my problem statement in the Liveplan business builder platform, a domain name, and website development. If you have considered donating to my campaign, now is a great time to help me reach the next level! The link is attached, as well as my Gofundme flyer with a link that can be typed into your browser if that’s easier. Please share!