Why You Attract Broken Men: Stephan L

Stephan shares great points I’ve often considered but never discussed because I didn’t know others committed to leaving the bandwagon perpetuating man hate. I began addressing my brokenness around age 45. Being a slow learner, it took a while to realize I had a part in my misery, and even longer to confront it. After taming many of my own demons (not dating in the progress), I noticed the men I attracted were still familiar, even though I wasn’t that same woman. Which made me revisit the saying of, “we attract what we are”. It didn’t ring true for my life so I came to my own conclusion. A revamped mindset simply meant attracting a higher level of brokenness. The end result is still the same, cutting the umbilical cord immediately and not lingering just in case your awesome made them see the light and change the error of their ways. We can’t fix someone else’s’ brokenness and probably can’t even see it unless we’ve addressed our own.

If you still believe there are no good men out there, this short clip isn’t for you. If you want to go against the grain and consider the possibilities, it’s perfect!  We can attract emotionally dysfunctional partners (easy to do because everyone is broken), but the best course of action is researching the what it is about US that makes it acceptable to continue to “entertain” their brokenness?



GoFundMe Mentally Ill Housing Initiative

I’ve been working on my autobiography, Renewal Of The Mind: The Upside to Schizophrenia for a while now. My initial goal was to share hope for families, awareness of mental illness for the community, and how I was changed at my core for the better based on his diagnosis. My WHY has changed over the years as my son lost everything he had, including his job, from a dysfunctional relationship. Revenge took the life he had created since his initial schizophrenia diagnosis 11 years ago. He was working full time, in school, and contributing to society. For the last three months, he has lived in his car because housing is unavailable. There’s an 8-year waiting list, and the shelters are already overflowing.


I’m tired of hearing that’s just the way it is and allowing stigma to determine his destiny. An associate suggested creating a community event to raise funds for a housing initiative. I decided to take this on, but for others who have lost their voice, not just my son. There are many homeless, employable clients that simply need support getting back on their feet. This disease is cyclical and there is no cure, which means it’s possible the person will continue to cycle through fresh starts every three years. I want to put a program in place to help with their recovery, as many times as it takes. I created a Gofundme page to generate funds for the event I want to hold later this year. There will be a panel of speakers, a meal, and entertainment. Proceeds will create housing with support programs for those active in their recovery and employable. 1 in 5 adults suffers from mental illness, which means many lives are impacted across the globe.

I’m reaching out to the WordPress community, asking for your support in donating and sharing my cause. My link is below, along with an inside look at schizophrenia by a college student that created a program to support the mentally ill when they are struck down on campus. The disease usually strikes at college age, as it did my son. Cecilia committed to help their recovery and provide hope, as Schizophrenia is a disease of isolation. I want to do the same.



Life According To Danielle Sapore


A 20 something young lady posted this blog on Facebook. Age is relevant because her words are the wisdom of someone with much more life under their belt. I could have written this blog verbatim (except the too friendly comment), but not prior to my mid-forties. The journey to self-acceptance took YEARS for me and at 52, I’m still too much for some and I’m fine with that. As Dave Ramsey says, “you can’t pay your bills with other people’s opinions”. I believe the majority of people never come close to reaching this level of maturity.  Living in the shadows seems like a contagious disease that requires a special serum for those not born with an immunity. Authenticity is not for the weak-minded. It requires courage because rejection is imminent, and a lifelong journey if you stay true to who you are as the world revolves around you.

Meet Danielle S.

I have spent my ENTIRE life being told I’m too much. Too loud, too talkative, too outgoing, too ambitious, too friendly (is that even a thing?). Too much. Too much. Too much. 🔈

Wanna know how I responded to it? I believed them. For most of my life, I lived as half. I dimmed my light so it wouldn’t shine too bright in other people’s eyes. I quieted my voice so it wouldn’t shake people and their insecurities. I lived as half of the person I truly am because so many people couldn’t handle the whole me. 🗯

And dang, did they miss out or what? 😂 I mean seriously, think about it, what a huge injustice to myself and the people who need all of me. Nelson Mandela once said, “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Is your own light shining? Are you giving people permission to let theirs shine? 

It took me a heck of a long while to be confident in all of me and all of who I am, and if you’re traveling down that same hard road, I encourage you to remember one thing – “You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people.” 👋🏼

The world needs ALL of you. Your people need all of you. 👉🏼 YOU need ALL of YOU. 👈🏼

Kindred Spirits

Knowing Kindred Spirit Connections

kindred-spirit_OMTimesBy Judi Lynch

The Kindred Spirits met in life are truly much more than just best friends we make during our time here. We connect at different levels of the consciousness. These connections can run through many lifetimes and shared soul lessons. These people are the touchstone of our purposes, the ones who help to give us energy, light, unconditional love and compassion. Finding a Kindred Spirit can save your life. It can be a friend, family member or even a beloved pet. We have pieces of puzzles that fit together when we find each other. Their light in our lives make us shine a little brighter.

1. They can challenge you spiritually and make you reach higher.

Learn the difference between someone who challenges you and someone who is unhealthy for you. There can be a lot of missed opportunities for soul growth if we give up too soon! Some people really are here to teach us patience when we want to walk away. Many have a soul agreement with someone to help us on our spiritual journey, testing us in ways we have never been tested. Once we learn how to heal and evolve the situation; it morphs, we change, and we become unstuck. Our view of the next life task becomes much more positive with every soul accomplishment.

2. The positive energy field around them connects to yours. They emit the same frequencies.

Your inner self knows Kindred Spirits are important to your life here. The knowing says they have a purpose to fulfill in a positive way. You feel good around their energy. They have an outer compassion with integrity that treats everyone humanely and with respect. You can see future events with them and appreciate the experiences for the love it creates for all involved. You feel acceptance for who you are.

3. You have shared knowing and intuition.

You understand each other with just eye contact and a smile when you are in the same room.

You get future messages about them that come true, knowing when they are going to contact you right before they do. Your senses can feel when they might need emotional support before they ever ask.

4. You share life themes and challenges.

You’ve been through some of the same life tests and themes. You have empathy and compassion for each other that reaches a deeper understanding. It has meaning you found them in your lifetimes and recognized their light because it matched your own.

5. You trust them and you know and feel they trust and respect you.

These are people you trust. Even if they had to earn it by apologizing for something they’ve done, making good on their promise to be a better friend and person. They won’t judge a similar situation you have been in yourself and had to learn the lesson in the same way. You see the trueness inside their heart.

6. Your talents fit together

While one of you plays piano, the other one can sing the notes. When one of you dances backward, the other is in forward motion. You are in sync. You line up and everything makes sense, it flows.

7. You see the World in the same colors

You have many common threads in the lives you have led. You see humanity and the bigger picture together. Sharing religious, spiritual and even political beliefs, Kindred Spirits join the disciplines for common good and to synergize new realities.

On Writer John Acuff

Jon Acuff is an American author of five books including Finish, Do Over, Start, Quitter, and Stuff Christians Like. Acuff also runs the blog StuffChristiansLike.net, which has over 3 million readers. I was first introduced to John, a prior Dave Ramsey personality, from the nosebleed section at a Smart Money event. Although I wasn’t close enough to touch, it was love at first sight. His quick wit, and ability to educate through laughter was an automatic attraction. I instantly connected with his message (and purchased his book START) of FINALLY getting started on the 45-year old vision born with, but never cultivated. I don’t know what that thing is that kills the dreams of mothers once we have kids. Maybe it’s maternal instinct, but I set every goal aside after an unplanned pregnancy during my junior year of college. It was as if the death of the original dream, FBI Agent, meant no other desire in my heart was possible. I interviewed for that position at Cal State Long Beach and took the next right action of turning it down. Relocation every two years wasn’t the best life a single parent could offer her child.  Thirty years later, it still hurts a little when I consider life with different choices. While doing the right thing doesn’t always feel good, it’s definitely good for the soul. I have no regrets.



The good news for me is that the expired vision wasn’t the one God had for me. THAT vision is always there, ready to be manifested when and IF the hosts ever decides it’s time. I’m on John’s mailing list but so focused on my own writing that I missed these words of inspiration forwarded by a friend/supporter who felt it reminded her of me. I actually enjoyed it so much I decided to share it here where I imagine there are thousands of wannabe writers, like myself, that could use a word of encouragement!

I hope you enjoy and keep on keeping on, one word at a time. In spite of life’s distraction, WE’VE GOT THIS!


start-ebook-2 (1)


From the desk of Jon Acuff……………………..

The Writer’s List: How it feels to write a book.

I don’t know when the fear of writing a new one goes away, but I can tell you it’s not during your 7th.

Will it sell? Will anyone like it? Will it be written in someone else’s voice and not my own? What is my voice? How come other authors are so much better at talking about their books? Am I tweeting enough? Should I do a better job of getting people to follow me on Instagram?

Am I listening to the most creative music possible? Would it be easier if I had a better soundtrack to this moment? If your eyelid is fluttering does that mean you’ve had too much coffee?

How do I give this book my all but not make it my identity because the pressure of that will crush my creativity? Who is this book for?

Is this a first world problem, complaining about how hard writing a book is? Are people who respond to your tweet with #FirstWorldProblem and #HumbleBrag the worst people? They are.

Why do I care so much about what other people think? Should I fix that before I write another book? Is that a fixable thing or just my personality? Is that because I’m a 7 on the enneagram?

Should I go on some sort of vision quest to solve every anxiety I have before I write this book? How long will that take? Do I have to go to Myanmar to do that? Why did I have to Google that country to spell it correctly? Am I even smart enough to write a book if I can’t spell “Myanmar?”

Am I the only one who doesn’t like the taste of coconut water? How come I like when other people post photos of their face online but I’m afraid to? Do I like to pretend it’s because I’m humble but it’s really because I’m insecure? This vision quest is going to take FOREVER.

When am I going to finish this book? I don’t have time to fix every emotional issue I have before I write it. What if I just started practicing mindfulness? Mindfulness is so hot right now. Do I own the right pants for mindfulness?

That’s but a sliver of what’s going on in my head when I try to focus and write. I hope your creative process is easier, but if it’s not. Welcome to the club.


P.S. This is one of the tools I use to rein in my creative process and actually get books done.

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