The Daily Post-Confused


I’m confused about how often the feeling of empathy has engulfed me lately. It isn’t like I haven’t felt it before, but it was definitely rare and generally only related to my children. As I thought about WHY this is (it REALLY bothered me that I became emotional more often than my usual three times per year limit, so I had to take some time to contemplate this), I ruled out the death of my mother, a milestone birthday this year making me more hormonal, and other personal challenges I’ve faced over the last few years. My sons actually nicknamed me the Alpha Male and when I googled the definition, I couldn’t disagree! Change the HE to a SHE and you definitely have ME! Considering the fact that this nickname came about when they were teenagers, I can’t connect it to the most recent chain of events. I can only say that whatever the reason, there is no downside to feeling empathy, as long as I don’t start making decisions based on emotions! Sounds like there is some HEALING IN PROGRESS, and I definitely need to stay on the trail!


Confused In Arizona!

The Definition Of Carefree?

Being Carefree means making decisions to do things I want to do without the need to take finances, other people (and their schedules) or even my own work schedule into consideration! It’s deciding I no longer want to do certain things, and just stopping them because I have that option. It’s hiking in Sedona, or on Maui, and living the second half of my life totally different from the first half. Not working two or three jobs because it’s what I have to do in order to make ends meet. It’s starting my own business, and doing volunteer work,what I really want to do, without worrying about generating enough money to live on. It really means waking up with NO AGENDA! I can spend the day doing whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s being selfish for the first time in my life, in over 50 years!