The Daily Post-Confused


I’m confused about how often the feeling of empathy has engulfed me lately. It isn’t like I haven’t felt it before, but it was definitely rare and generally only related to my children. As I thought about WHY this is (it REALLY bothered me that I became emotional more often than my usual three times per year limit, so I had to take some time to contemplate this), I ruled out the death of my mother, a milestone birthday this year making me more hormonal, and other personal challenges I’ve faced over the last few years. My sons actually nicknamed me the Alpha Male and when I googled the definition, I couldn’t disagree! Change the HE to a SHE and you definitely have ME! Considering the fact that this nickname came about when they were teenagers, I can’t connect it to the most recent chain of events. I can only say that whatever the reason, there is no downside to feeling empathy, as long as I don’t start making decisions based on emotions! Sounds like there is some HEALING IN PROGRESS, and I definitely need to stay on the trail!


Confused In Arizona!