Depression, Suicide and the Power of Hope-Tedtalk

Today’s share is a blueprint for navigating mental health. Answers to life’s challenges are everywhere, we only need to reach out for them!


How To Get Stuff Done When You Are Depressed/Tedtalk

Depression is the number 1 disability from young adults 15-24. Those numbers are only growing, which I believe has to do with the comparison trap incited by social media. We want to live like the Joneses, but we forget they only show the highlights of their lives, just like us. You don’t see the debt piling up as a result of vacations they couldn’t afford to take, or the unpaid car note as a result of the car lot seduction! Car salesman are highly skilled at talking us into purchases because we DESERVE them, even though we can’t AFFORD the maintenance! Because I’m a realist, learning how to function DESPITE depression seems like an unmet need in today’s culture. I personally can never have too many coping skills, so I hope you find the value that I did. Feel free to share your thoughts!


The New Face Of Mental Illness


More than once, I was asked about the word homelessness in the name of my Nonprofit. Although my target client is mentally ill, I intentionally disregarded that label in the name because of the associated stigma. The face of mental illness has changed, and expectations of what it LOOKS LIKE needs a major upgrade.

Recognize any of the “NEW FACES” of mental illness below? Any surprises?


Under the mental illness umbrella is Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorders, Dementia, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Autism and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD).

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Emotional First Aid/Guy Winch, Ph.D.

While I believe successful dating is a learned process, I think successful living in today’s world is as well. New ways of thinking from each consecutive generation seem to create a new strain of crises. Some coping skills are learned simply by living our choices, but there is no manual for these never before experienced problems.  It might not be necessary to conform to every change, but adapting might be needed for sanity!  I often wonder if the lack of a blueprint for the increasing manmade pressures is one of the reasons for the increase in depression. Our reactions to life’s emergencies, usually based on emotions, only compound the situation. Learning to recover from disappointments and failures is a necessary part of mental health. Today’s share addresses emotional hygiene, and backs it up with dumbed down action steps! This is good stuff, take notes!

Does Size Matter?

Although only twenty donated to my campaign and the dedicated team less than 8, my nonprofit, DSquared Homes For The Homeless, is finally in creation! I ‘m extremely proud, but also a realist. The road ahead will be paved with more setbacks than wins as I fight an ideology surrounding mental illness that has been around since the days of Ronald Reagan. I have, however, suited up and put on my big girl panties! 19989268_1275573345882386_2791726709142629836_n

While supporters’ believe mental toughness is a superpower for me, I’ve simply learned marinating in situations nourishes feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. The minute I take action, no matter how small, my mindset immediately experiences a certain level of peace and this experience is no exception. The emotions behind my son living in his car are compounded by the fact that although debt-free, I can’t provide shelter while he cycles through this current season of psychosis. My home isn’t an option because he isn’t med compliant, and I’m not privy to the conversation he has with the entities in his head. I do know their influence can be detrimental to his future, and my safety. The upside is that recovery is possible with a committed support system and resources, which is the goal of my nonprofit. I finally decided my only option was to step out on faith since it doesn’t come with a price tag. A major takeaway from my journey to financial freedom is that problems can’t be solved by creating debt, which is why I didn’t mortgage my home to save my son.



I wasn’t expecting ANY donations at all because neither mental illness nor homelessness is a priority for society.  Normally I research something TO DEATH, sometimes years before making a move! The plan this time was to take the first step and watch it unfold. That was totally outside of my comfort zone, but I wasn’t disappointed! Not only am I almost legal, but Godaddy has also reached out and offered their services to carve out a spot on the world-wide-web and my appointment is March 17th! Although I have a long way to go, at the end of the day,  size didn’t matter! izkc1roc-share-godaddy-email-marketing

GoFundMe Mentally Ill Housing Initiative

I’ve been working on my autobiography, Renewal Of The Mind: The Upside to Schizophrenia for a while now. My initial goal was to share hope for families, awareness of mental illness for the community, and how I was changed at my core for the better based on his diagnosis. My WHY has changed over the years as my son lost everything he had, including his job, from a dysfunctional relationship. Revenge took the life he had created since his initial schizophrenia diagnosis 11 years ago. He was working full time, in school, and contributing to society. For the last three months, he has lived in his car because housing is unavailable. There’s an 8-year waiting list, and the shelters are already overflowing.


I’m tired of hearing that’s just the way it is and allowing stigma to determine his destiny. An associate suggested creating a community event to raise funds for a housing initiative. I decided to take this on, but for others who have lost their voice, not just my son. There are many homeless, employable clients that simply need support getting back on their feet. This disease is cyclical and there is no cure, which means it’s possible the person will continue to cycle through fresh starts every three years. I want to put a program in place to help with their recovery, as many times as it takes. I created a Gofundme page to generate funds for the event I want to hold later this year. There will be a panel of speakers, a meal, and entertainment. Proceeds will create housing with support programs for those active in their recovery and employable. 1 in 5 adults suffers from mental illness, which means many lives are impacted across the globe.

I’m reaching out to the WordPress community, asking for your support in donating and sharing my cause. My link is below, along with an inside look at schizophrenia by a college student that created a program to support the mentally ill when they are struck down on campus. The disease usually strikes at college age, as it did my son. Cecilia committed to help their recovery and provide hope, as Schizophrenia is a disease of isolation. I want to do the same.