I Am Number 12-Dharius Daniels

Dr. Dharius Daniels is right up there with Dr. Myles Munroe (IMO) when it comes to delivering the WORD of God. They are both powerful educators who prioritize their message on the value every life brings to the table and the importance of partnering with God to fulfill their purpose. A healthy dose of reality checks is always guaranteed with both, but even though Dr. Dharius is equally intense, comic relief is usually more common in his lessons. Listen to the message and if willing, share the presenter you connect with the most and why you chose him.

Dharius Daniels-Help A Sista Out!

If you’re a woman praised continuously for your ability to carry the world on your shoulders and make it look easy, this is for you! Back in the day, I considered that a compliment but I’ve learned I was working really from a generational deficit. I earned my supernatural emotional strength by carrying the weight of burdens designed for my husband, kids, friends, and parent instead of empowering them. I paid the price internally, however, and always running on empty. I entered emotional rehab in my forties, and at 52 I’m a lot better at saying no. I will always be a work in progress when it comes to my adult sons, however. As a mother, I want to prevent them from making the same mistakes that altered the course of my life, but I also know they need to grow through trials as I did. Most of the time, I manage to give my opinion only twice and then keep silent (it isn’t easy) while watching their life unfold like a movie. My youngest is pretty good in the decision making progress so I could sit back and enjoy popcorn while watching him autocorrect into a happy ending.  The oldest is another story because of his Schizophrenia, and sometimes the movie is like a nightmare like it is now.  Despite his mental health challenges, however, he’s capable of shouldering some of his own weight which I hand over in bits and pieces. At the end of the day, our children must learn to adult, mainly because we won’t be around forever. Just because women have the capacity to manage five lives at a time, doesn’t mean we should.  

In Search Of A Soul Mate-Dr. Dharius Daniels

Dr. Daniels defines a soulmate as someone suitable for your soul and necessary for your assignment! As a bonus, he also provides a blueprint. Even if a potential partner possesses all of these traits, consider this list a starting point only. Diving deeper is necessary to confirm soul mate status!

  1. Mate comes by revelation, not manipulation (pick not discover)
  2. Their values align with your needs (they don’t have to be something they aren’t to meet your needs)
  3. They compliment you, not complete you
  4. They push you closer to God, not further away
  5. They don’t interfere with your assignment, they advance it


Part II-Dr. Daniels goes even further by explaining HOW to find BAE (before anyone else). My favorite line is that who we choose is a reflection of how we see ourselves. Just wow!