Myles Munroe on Leadership

If doubting your leadership ability, listen in! My favorite truth is one I’ve already learned,  friends must be chosen according to YOUR destiny. I’ve learned to carefully select the company I keep as many are dream killers and stealers! You probably have them in your life also. They freely share expert opinions (without being asked) on your success based on their own lack of accomplishment. At times, their opinions are not even based on personal experience. Is it time to re-evaluate the relationships in your life?


A Good Woman via Dr.Myles Munroe

I’ll be fifty-three in nine days and can testify that being a woman has always been hard, and in my humble opinion, always will be. It’s especially challenging when raised in an environment of dysfunction because experience is considered status quo, healthy or unhealthy. Our self-worth is created by relationships modeled in our presence, and if violence is witnessed,  it’s a possibility that we accept it in adulthood. I say possible because Frank was an alcoholic, and I remember him laying hands on my mother when drinking. He wasn’t the only one. Although I didn’t make the best choices in partners, and sometimes repeated the same mistake twice, I drew the line at alcoholism and violence.


I wasn’t clear on what I needed (notice I didn’t say wanted), and it might have taken 40 years to figure out but a few boundaries in place helped! I’ve had a female mentor the last twelve years and she’s done a great job at keeping me from getting stuck on stupid!  I love that in this day and age, there are HEALTHY female role models readily available (you won’t hear her say, “I DON’T NEED A MAN), and education from various sources if egos are set aside. Check out this message from Myles Munroe, who does an excellent job at deciphering the role of a woman, as decided by God. Not by him, in case you’re wondering how a man could possibly tell a woman how to behave, lol.