It’s On Me-Dr. Dharius Daniels

It’s interesting when you feel a certain way for an extended period, and one day the revelation happens! That didn’t happen until I was ready to receive it, which took thirty-seven years. For thirty-one years, I’ve worked two to three jobs to compensate for my single-parent status, and the busy-ness of life rendered me deaf to my calling. Many, like me, have entered the workplace their entire careers without their hearts, and the most exciting part of the position is clocking out and off days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for employment because the needs of my family have been met. An added bonus is that a few of my supervisors were so amazing that I left with skills that supported success not only on the job but in my personal life outside the job.

Now, however, I understand the passion was lacking because I wasn’t working in the role I was created to fill. We’re all born for a specific purpose and are never completely satisfied until we meet that need.  The downside in our lack of follow-through is that lives we were supposed to bless remains in chaos. I personally haven’t been a reliable team player! The tug on my heart for all these years was God calling on the landline. I finally answered in February of 2019.

Though I’m walking in my purpose free of charge, my heart has never been happier! I’m still employed on my fulltime job, but I know God is working behind the scenes because of the supernatural growth of my nonprofit housed at  My life is a testimony that when God decides the role, he also provides the skills required. Dr. Daniels shared an A-MA-ZING message on stepping up to the plate of the life you were really supposed to lead!