Life According To Danielle Sapore


A 20 something young lady posted this blog on Facebook. Age is relevant because her words are the wisdom of someone with much more life under their belt. I could have written this blog verbatim (except the too friendly comment), but not prior to my mid-forties. The journey to self-acceptance took YEARS for me and at 52, I’m still too much for some and I’m fine with that. As Dave Ramsey says, “you can’t pay your bills with other people’s opinions”. I believe the majority of people never come close to reaching this level of maturity.  Living in the shadows seems like a contagious disease that requires a special serum for those not born with an immunity. Authenticity is not for the weak-minded. It requires courage because rejection is imminent, and a lifelong journey if you stay true to who you are as the world revolves around you.

Meet Danielle S.

I have spent my ENTIRE life being told I’m too much. Too loud, too talkative, too outgoing, too ambitious, too friendly (is that even a thing?). Too much. Too much. Too much. 🔈

Wanna know how I responded to it? I believed them. For most of my life, I lived as half. I dimmed my light so it wouldn’t shine too bright in other people’s eyes. I quieted my voice so it wouldn’t shake people and their insecurities. I lived as half of the person I truly am because so many people couldn’t handle the whole me. 🗯

And dang, did they miss out or what? 😂 I mean seriously, think about it, what a huge injustice to myself and the people who need all of me. Nelson Mandela once said, “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Is your own light shining? Are you giving people permission to let theirs shine? 

It took me a heck of a long while to be confident in all of me and all of who I am, and if you’re traveling down that same hard road, I encourage you to remember one thing – “You will be too much for some people. Those aren’t your people.” 👋🏼

The world needs ALL of you. Your people need all of you. 👉🏼 YOU need ALL of YOU. 👈🏼