Myles Munroe on Leadership

If doubting your leadership ability, listen in! My favorite truth is one I’ve already learned,  friends must be chosen according to YOUR destiny. I’ve learned to carefully select the company I keep as many are dream killers and stealers! You probably have them in your life also. They freely share expert opinions (without being asked) on your success based on their own lack of accomplishment. At times, their opinions are not even based on personal experience. Is it time to re-evaluate the relationships in your life?


Dr. Myles Munroe on Leadership

If you’ve been stopping by for a while now, you know that I’m a huge fan of Dr.Myles Munroe! I have almost every book he’s authored, and there are a variety of topics! He speaks my language, harsh reality, and I love his method of scolding us for accepting societies definition of who we are while reinforcing our belief system at the same time. The way he breaks down his theories leads me to believe his death wasn’t an accident. Normally, I’m not a conspiracy theorist but his truths were painful to the masses, including educational systems. According to Dr. Munroe, the downside of a college degree is the conditioning of students into believing their goal is to graduate and work for someone else.  Encouragement to figure out your gift and how to develop it isn’t part of the curriculum. His message on Leadership really spoke to me as I’m at the end stage of redefining life to align with my purpose. It only took 52.5 years to figure it out, but better late than never! I’d love to hear your thoughts on his message!

How To Become A Leader: Dr. Myles Munroe

According to Dr. Munroe, the lion isn’t the biggest, smartest or fastest, yet he is the king of the jungle simply because of his attitude! Dr. Munroe explains how leadership is more about attitude than a college degree. I can relate because while I earned my B.S. degree in college, I escaped without learning the importance of making major decisions so that my financial future was secure. Of course, I learned the hard way and my life was blessed by Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball which teaches specific steps to eliminate debt.

This POWERFUL message teaches the 7 Principles Of Leadership and the 5 questions that need to be answered in order to become a leader.  I was reminded of this truth by thinking back to managers experienced who held the right credentials, but when it came to effective management of people, that mental muscle wasn’t exercised. That makes navigating the workplace even more stressful, and thankfully there are directions in print with ways to deal with that also, lol..