Don’t Let Your Next Become Your Ex! Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nicholas is my S-HERO, a true diva that rose from the ashes of hell (google her story!)! She didn’t allow the environment she was born into to design her life, and motivates from a platform of pain! I loved this podcast because so many are looking for love in all the wrong places (outside of ourselves), unaware of the damage caused not only to us, but our “next” when time to heal and evaluate the decision-making process isn’t taken.  Invisible wounds build up like plaque, and will eventually cause underlying issues, and chronic pain! There’s a difference between entering relationships with a goal to guard your heart, and not giving 100% as a method to prevent pain from the past. 

The Secret To More Powerful Connections:Lisa Nichols

While my new position at work is stress on a whole-nother-level, it’s also challenging and my mind appreciates the stimulation. I’d fallen into my previous job as a result of a layoff and while a 4am shift start time isn’t something I would normally choose, I needed an income. A career wasn’t necessary, just money. Not only did I have a mortgage, but my son was also starting college. As the famous celebrity suggested, I did what I had to do until I could do what I wanted to do. At that time, all I wanted was to stay afloat while I  continued looking for employment that didn’t rob me of quality time with my family, or sleep.


Six years, many scars and several painful lessons later, I entered the next phase in my life. Four months in so far, it’s the perfect temporary stop while I work towards my ultimate goal of self-employment. Generating a healthy part-time income from my Life Coach business within three years, and dropping to part-time status on my main gig to retain benefits is my current agenda. The long-term goal is doing what I want to do, changing lives, before reaching retirement. I have the years of service (twenty),  but not the required age. Though I’m grateful for a job because there was a time I didn’t have one, seventeen additional years of working for someone else isn’t high on my agenda.

What I enjoy most (other than the ability to sleep beyond 3am after six years of sleep deprivation) is to the opportunity to educate myself while working. Aware of my limitations, I’m always willing to learn whatever is needed in order to reach my goals.  Since I’m in the last stages of completing my first piece of non-fiction, Renewal Of The Mind; The Upside To Schizophrenia, I’ve begun filling all extra mental space with information towards my 2019 goals. With plans to resume’ my life coaching venture, I’m listening to and learning from powerful speakers as an action step.


Although my life resonated with the life of Lisa Nichol’s because we’re from the same ghetto and both saw our single parent status incorrectly as a barrier to goals, I was extremely moved and inspired by her message so sharing it. I imagine there are many entrepreneurial spirits in the world of WordPress that appreciates all knowledge forwarded their way as I do! Because I receive more from an educational experience when laughter is involved, I have really enjoyed all of her podcasts listened too so far. My aim is to approach all opportunities for growth with an open mind, and then proceed to take what I like and leave the rest. My next stop is to RETIRE INSPIRED!

The below passage is listed for a reason, and you will find out what that reason is once you push play! ENJOY!

To Be clear, concise
Powerful and quick, would be wise

When You Love You…..

I’ve been cheating on Dr. Munroe behind closed doors, and it’s time to come out of the closet! Yesterday I experienced the motivations of Lisa Nichols and fell head over heels! I consider her humor packed, inspiring podcasts valuable resources for companies of any size. From thousands or simply a company of one. Slowly shifting focus to work on 2019 goals, I’ve begun collecting an arsenal of tools designed to kickstart my coaching business, The Courage To Shift after I finally give birth to my current project.



Renewal Of The Mind; The Upside To Schizophrenia was inspired by my son’s diagnosis and the unexpected positive impact the catastrophic event had on my life. It motivated me to become debt free which in turn made other freedoms possible. Of all the major accomplishments shared, the most meaningful is changing my family tree.  A debt-free college graduation of my youngest (degree in Engineering) was also a result based on my introduction to Dave Ramsey’s FPU.  My ultimate goal, however, is to create lasting change in the mental illness community.

Lisa is also a goldmine for women like me who have allowed their past to determine their self-worth and are tired of the trauma. In this context, trauma means a combination of traumatic events which lead to an overflow of drama!  I decided to suit up in battle gear and fight back for control of my life. If you are of the same mindset, check her out! If not yet there, have a few laughs and save for future reference.