A Good Woman via Dr.Myles Munroe

I’ll be fifty-three in nine days and can testify that being a woman has always been hard, and in my humble opinion, always will be. It’s especially challenging when raised in an environment of dysfunction because experience is considered status quo, healthy or unhealthy. Our self-worth is created by relationships modeled in our presence, and if violence is witnessed,  it’s a possibility that we accept it in adulthood. I say possible because Frank was an alcoholic, and I remember him laying hands on my mother when drinking. He wasn’t the only one. Although I didn’t make the best choices in partners, and sometimes repeated the same mistake twice, I drew the line at alcoholism and violence.


I wasn’t clear on what I needed (notice I didn’t say wanted), and it might have taken 40 years to figure out but a few boundaries in place helped! I’ve had a female mentor the last twelve years and she’s done a great job at keeping me from getting stuck on stupid!  I love that in this day and age, there are HEALTHY female role models readily available (you won’t hear her say, “I DON’T NEED A MAN), and education from various sources if egos are set aside. Check out this message from Myles Munroe, who does an excellent job at deciphering the role of a woman, as decided by God. Not by him, in case you’re wondering how a man could possibly tell a woman how to behave, lol.


Daily Post/Mentor


Mentorship seems to have gone out of style with the flip phone, but I’m still a huge advocate.  My environment had been my teacher,  but the value system modeled during my character development became a source of conflict after I begin to apply the lessons.  Whiplash educated me on the fact that I can’t solve puzzles with the same mindset that creates them. Also, those who played a part in the creation of my original skewed value system are automatically disqualified as tour guides because of their inability to be objective. They wouldn’t be able to see clearly with the same needle in their eye. Although I enjoy  the surge of excitement from my cheerleaders and others who encourage growth in a positive direction, my mentor must also not be afraid to “check me” from a place of love. If she simply co-signs my thoughts to prevent waves, I can’t take life to the next level and must be challenged to leave my comfort zone behind.


I recently had lunch with my mentor of 11 years after a delayed absence (where I missed her immensely!!) , and ALL is right with the world! For over a decade, she has held me accountable while assisting with the navigation of chokeholds in my life.  She’s also guided me without fail when stuck in fear, Future Events APPEARING Real, while experiencing life on the ledge! While grateful for my mother and her unquestionable love and support, it is because of my mentor that I am a better mother, friend, co-worker, and future wife than I ever could have been in the past. I believe a lot of what’s wrong with society today is a lack of guidance for those unable to  navigate life due to a lack of positive role models.  I’ve learned from personal experience that many of the skills needed for a successful life are not taught in a classroom, but out in the real world!


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