Manifesting Your Gifts: Dr. Myles Munroe

Not only a food addict, I’m also an inspiration addict. Motivational quotes are in order when I’m a victim of a drive-by intense enough to cause me to give up on my goal. Short, but encouraging videos are mandatory when overwhelmed by circumstances and in danger of losing focus. However, endorphins, natural chemicals in the body released during pain, laughter, or sex, flood my senses (in a good way) when inhaling nuggets of wisdom dumbed down so far that even my ADHD personality is capable of following it. I’m more interested in following proven steps to success than I am in reinventing the wheel.


It’s been a minute since I posted insight from Dr. Munroe, and this is the perfect trifecta with Steve Harvey and Denzel Washington. As usual, and the reason I enjoy his teachings is that an action plan is always included.  Listen in for the 10 Keys To Success For How To Release Your Purpose.

My takeaways:

  1. The thing you do the absolute best, with the least amount of effort is your gift  (never learned, only refined, which means college is not required for success)
  2. Don’t chase your passion, cultivate your gift (it’s already inside you)
  3. Discontent is the seed of change. You will never change what you tolerate, anger brings change!
  4. We decide our habits, and our habits decide our future
  5. Be careful of the people you have in your life, stay away from the suffocaters