Welcome To The Courage To Shift! I share inspiration on various topics including my 70 pound weight loss journey (maintained 11 years), my 7 year journey to becoming debt free (including a son graduating debt free from college) and my journey to self-worth and self-discovery post divorce (including returning to school at 49 and starting my Transformation Life Coach business at 50!). I frequently share motivational quotes and sprinkle in random thoughts about life in general! 

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    • Destiny! I blog often on weight loss and are currently working on that chapter in my book! I’m excited because other ladies I’ve been blogging with for eight plus years have allowed me to share their personal words of wisdom on their weight loss journey and their maintenance process. I wanted to add more help than the typical text book advice of eat less and exercise more. Weight loss is more mental than anything else, advice needs to really address that which I plan to do! Stay tuned!

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  1. Your story is very inspiring. I can relate to life after divorce as God so graciously gave me my wife who has been greater than words can express. The other things you have achieved are definitely on my list of goals I seek to achieve. I look forward to reading more.

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    • Thank you for sharing! Inspiration is what I’d hoped for, but you never know until you receive actual feedback! Congrats to you also on finding love after divorce! That is inspirational for me as I re-enter the dating world after a century!

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  2. nicci wooley says:

    I love how you’re sharing your story and taking us along with you. Thanks for the inspiration! Please check out my blog when you get a chance at revealed8.com. Would love to connect with you on all platforms. Blessings!


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