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Why You Attract Broken Men: Stephan L

Stephan shares great points I’ve often considered but never discussed because I didn’t know others committed to leaving the bandwagon perpetuating man hate. I began addressing my brokenness around age 45. Being a slow learner, it took a while to realize I had a part in my misery, and even longer to confront it. After taming many of my own demons (not dating in the progress), I noticed the men I attracted were still familiar, even though I wasn’t that same woman. Which made me revisit the saying of, “we attract what we are”. It didn’t ring true for my life so I came to my own conclusion. A revamped mindset simply meant attracting a higher level of brokenness. The end result is still the same, cutting the umbilical cord immediately and not lingering just in case your awesome made them see the light and change the error of their ways. We can’t fix someone else’s’ brokenness and probably can’t even see it unless we’ve addressed our own.

If you still believe there are no good men out there, this short clip isn’t for you. If you want to go against the grain and consider the possibilities, it’s perfect!  We can attract emotionally dysfunctional partners (easy to do because everyone is broken), but the best course of action is researching the what it is about US that makes it acceptable to continue to “entertain” their brokenness?


Gofundme/Mental Illness Housing Grants!

Payday Friday and you have a ton of money to spend but not enough places to spend it? If not, consider donating $10 (I’ll accept more!) to my mental illness housing campaign! If you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, I’ll still accept donations to my worthy cause, lol ! I was pissed off and into action when my son was $40 short of qualifying for a special housing program and it was against the rules for me to provide the $40 because I wasn’t the client. My housing program will offers grants to the mentally ill homeless population engaged in their recovery and able to work. My goal is to support and empower, not enable! I need help getting it off the ground, and have already received $920.00! That might not sound like a lot, but it’s $919 more than what I expected!

1 in 5 adults is diagnosed with some form of mental illness, which means we are all touched by it in some way. Know anyone suffering from depression who’s life could be a lot better with just a little help, but they aren’t receiving the support they need?

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